Merry Christmas

I wish all my readers a merry Christmas. Right now I'm waiting for the rest of my family to attend an early Christmas dinner at our house. The gifts are already under the Christmas tree, which makes me even more  nervous, because I have no idea what is inside those beautifully packaged boxes. I hope Santa brought me nice gifts this year, he never disappoints.


Ms. Stoneface

Some people (read most of them) always think that I'm an icequeen, without any feelings. Sometimes even without a heart. But that, my dear friends, isn't true. I don't show any emotions, because I think it is a weakness. To show emotions. Sure, as every human being, I feel things. I just choose not to show them. Think of it as survival skills. For example: If you give a child a lollipop, because the child expressed a big love for sweets and this child becomes instantly happy by receiving it. Now, the kid is happy. But the giver knows now what will make the child unhappy, by knowing what makes him/her happy. When someone knows: what makes you happy,what you value or love, they quickly know what to take from you to make you unhappy. Like taking a lollipop from a child.

And yes, I know that I write this blog about fashion. But it is Me who writes it, so you all might as well know something about me except for my taste in fashion. 


BLK DNM Sample Sale

A couple of days ago, I scrolled through my instagram-feed and saw an open invitation to a BLK DNM-sample sale. In that very moment I decided to check it out, even though the sale was located across town from my favorite shopping spots. Why not? I have nothing to loose (hahhah, except for money) and those few minutes riding the subway won't matter. I dragged my ass across town, to a neighbourhood I never visit, perhaps because it is so far from everything I like. But it wasn't that bad. During the short walk from the subwaystation called Rådmansgatan, I spotted some cozy stores and cafes. Wait and see, I will perhaps take a trip there in the nearest future. The showroom was in a chic underground dungeon/garage, with cemented floors and cool furniture, think industrial chic. There wasn't much people there, I don't think that people knew about this. If we say so; sample sales aren't so popular here in Stockholm and they almost never happen. In the end I found a great camel-coloured cashmere (it doesn't get better than that) sweater and a perfect pair of black high-rise jeans. The prices were so low in comparison to the original prices, I paid approximately 25 percent of the original prices.


Mascara for kids?

I opened a site today, the first thing I saw was a big advertisement of a new L'Oréal mascara called: Miss manga. Advertised with a colorful, animated character that looks like a panda with giant lashes and dressed in pink clothes. Is it even right to target young girls as customers?

Sure it is nothing wrong with wearing mascara, when being young. I started wearing mascara when I was 13 years old.

Nowadays I see 8-9 year old girls wearing mascara, eyeliner and wedges (4-5 cm) during a walk in Stockholm. Sure, L'Oréal made such a campaign because their customers are being younger for every year that passes by. But should the younger group of customers be attracted to the new product by making the campaign childish? 

It is just inappropriate to see such young girls dress and act as adults. It is wrong, they should be innocent kids, playing around. Never even thinking if they look ''right'' or if they should improve on their look. Those girls should enjoy their childhood, as long as they have it. Because later in life they would need make up to cover something up, then, they will have reasons to wear make up. 

Right now they don't have any reasons to wear such things. They still have their perfect baby faces with perfect illuminating skin. 

I think they only use make up because their friends do, they simply don't want to be different. They have no interest in being outsiders, always watching from the sidelines. 

What do you think? What is the age limit when it comes to make up?

( if you want to see the campaign just google miss manga mascara)


Bye Marc

Dear Marc Jacobs,

I will truly miss you as the designer in chief of Louis Vuitton. But I'm also happy, now you will have more time to dedicate to your own brand.

You have performed spectacles, in the greatest meanings of this word. Carousels, escaletors and magic fairytales which made us feel like Alice in wonderland and as if You were our Madhatter.

Creative and cool, unique yet personal, a signature aesthetic that always included excitement and surprises.

No one will ever be able to replace you, because you are irreplacable. One of a kind.


Stockholm fashion night, update

Sadly, this year I will be missing Fashion Night in stockholm. Because I am going hiking in the middle of nowhere. Additionally  I will be sleeping in the forest, during the night, in a TENT!

Which I never had done before. I think it will be the first and last time I'm going camping.


The art of dressing

My philosophy is;

I dress, how I want to be seen that day.

Do I want to be sleek and cool in Acne? Or, do I rather wear colorful prints from Versace?

Sure, it ain't easy, to be yourself and express yourself through clothes. Because you will stand out. Sometimes even hear rude comments of people going by. Like: ''you are desperate for attention'' or ''she thinks she is cool''

It is hard to stand by your choices. But I rather be different and unique, than blend in with everyone without any personality.

Some people express themselves through music or poetry. Which is by my opinion much easier, because you can hide it. Or simply not share it. But with clothing, is the exact opposite. Your clothing is public, it is for everyone to see, comment and judge.


Beauty essentials; Skincare

As everyone, there are some things my skin can't live without. Previously i only used the three-step system from Clinique.

Of course I changed my routine to other products from different brands. But it always ended with coming back to Clinique. Obviously because I didn't find anything better.

But a few days ago, I bought some new products from Shiseido. From the pureness-line. They are so good, moisturizing without being oily. Clearing without drying out the skin. Simply perfect.

Wait, did I mention the smell? It smells like fresh laundry.

courtesy of Shiseido


Fashion Night Stockholm 2013

Every year, around fashionweek in August an event called ''Fashion Night'' is organized. During the event the stores participating have special offers and longer opening hours.

I have been at every ''fashion night'' since 2011. This year, it will be my third time being there.

This year the Fashion Night takes place 29th August from 5 pm to 10 pm .

Here comes a list of stores that participate this year:

courtesy of Fashion Night Stockholm-facebook page

Back from Italy

Came home from Italy at 01:30 am, was quite tired. So I slept through the day. 
Just wanted to say that I'm alive, because I have not wrote here for a while. Did not even have time to go through the pictures from Italy, yet. 

A post will come up later today


Tiffanys in Florence

Today, one among all stores I went to was: Tiffanys. 

Actually I was pretty disappointed. The range of products was small. The display contained about 30 pieces of jewelry.

 I was at the orginal Tiffanys store at 5th avenue in New York. Which is enormous. 

So I just had to compare this store in Florence to the one in New York. 

Did not buy anything because they did not have the earrings I wanted. 


Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen for Bik Bok

A collaboration between The Row sisters and the norwegian brand: Bik Bok has been released during this week.

Yesterday, I swung by a Bik Bok store to look at the collection. As always with the collaborations, the fabrics looked cheap. Even the (real) leather jackets were shiny. They looked and felt like faux leather.

Sure, if you love the style of the siblings and will never afford any piece from The Row. Then it is just to buy everything you want.

But if you appreciate quality and craftmanship as I. You would rather save the money for a couple of years and buy somethings chic and timeless from The Row.That will last for ages and never go out of style, such as a leather jacket.
source: style.com


Marc Jacobs beauty-line

In a collaboration with the beauty-giant Sephora, Jacobs had launched a beauty line. A favorite designer of mine,since ever.Has finally maked it into the beauty departement.

Spreading excitement with the ''Marc the moment''-campaign, a countdown long before the line was launched.

It is MARC JACOBS, people, the most creative designer in the world. Like who would not check out HIS beauty line?

Of course he already had his fragrances, but make-up is a whole other level. Which I am glad for.

After seeing the color scale, when spotting the line, made me realize that it was very alike the Marc Jacobs show for fall '13. It will complete all those pretty fall outfits!

Wait, did I say pretty make-up brushes from Marc Jacobs? Yeah, you heard me right.

I wonder if the collaboration will be available at the sephora-stores, here in Europe?

Nailpolish, oh, nailpolish. I love you.

Check out the beauty line HERE or at sephora 

Update: I heard rumors that the line will be available for purchase in Europe in 2014 (when?). But of course it's just rumors, or not.

courtesy of Marc Jacobs

Leaving for Italy

Just wanted to say that I leave for Italy in a couple of hours. Don't worry, I will be back in one week! 
During my last few hours at home, I will be writing you posts that will be timed. They will appear during next week. 


Beauty destinations in Stockholm

Hello, my gorgeous readers.
I spent my day in 2 beauty salons in Stockholm, to pamper myself before I leave to Italy tomorrow.

I have got a haircut today, nothing extreme. Just cut my hair a little bit shorter and fixed my bangs.
Since last year, I am a loyal customer at the Corinne & Friends hairsalon in Stockholm. Love everything about it, the hair-stylists, the interior and the products.

They simply never disappoint! I always go to the same hair-stylist, Susanna, because she always knows what I want.

After that I went to ''Spa by us'', in the same neighborhood, to get my brows and lashes colored and to form my brows. It was my first time there actually.

Can proudly recommend both places, because I sincerely like them.


Blue for fall

A dominant colour seen on the Fall '13 runway was teal/petrol blue. Quite gorgeous colour, gives a pop to the classic black during fall. But still fits in. I simply love it.

Have made a collage of  the chic runway-looks for Fall '13

From top left: Stella McCartney, 3.1 Phillip Lim, Stella McCartney, 3.1 Phillip Lim, Louis Vuitton, Fendi
source: style.com

Tips: proportions

A thing to remember when putting an outfit together and on, in the morning, is the proportion of your body in the garment.

If you are planning to wear an oversized sweater, wear in with formfitting pants or skirt. Otherwise you will drawn in the amount of fabric. The clothes will then wear you, instead of you wearing them.

The same rule applies to looser bottoms, skirts and pants. Match them with fitted tops, to show off your figure.

An important bodypart is your neck, if you plan on wearing a top or sweater with a high neck or collar. The best thing is  to then make your neck look longer by putting you hair up in a sleek bun or ponytail. Because if you leave your hair loose, especially if you have long hair, your neck will be covered both by the hair and the garment.

Don't be a: ''no neck monster''!


My weekly playlist; week 1

From now on, every Wednesday I will publish a playlist including 10 of my favorite songs.


My wishlist for fall

In the fall, I like to wrap myself in a cozy sweater and put on some gorgeous boots. Here are some things that I would love to wear this fall:

Pistol Short Fur Black
Leather boots lined with shearling, Acne

Pistol Short Pony Black
Boots from Acne 
Stella McCartney, Fisherman's Teddy Jumper
Fluffy jumper from Stella McCartney


@ Helmut Newton exhibition

ÖIn the morning I was at Fotografiska in Stockholm to see the Helmut Newton exhibition. Which was great. The amount of pictures was just right. 

In te pictures you could find everyone from Karl Lagerfeld, Yves Saint Laurent to Elizabeth Taylor. 

Of course, as we all know Newton's controvrsial side, there was also nude pictures. But they were so tastful. 

I simply love his photographs.


  Below: Karl Lagerfeld 

Below: Yves Saint Laurent

Van Cleef & Arpels


Americas Next Top Model season 20

I just watched the first episode of ANTM's new season, where both girls and guys compete. I already chose my favorites: Jeremy, Mike, Jourdan, Nina and Delten (he was eleminated).

There was also a runway show, where guys and girls could choose the partner who they were walking down the runway with. At the end of the runway they had to kiss each other.

Can't wait for the upcoming episodes, one week feels like forever, hahhah.

America's Next Top Model on The CW. Pictured: Cycle ANTM20 contestants Jiana, Kanani, Renee, Nina, Jourdan, Alex, Chlea, Bianca, Judge Tyra Banks,  Jeremy, Don, Chris S., Mike, Marvin, Cory, Chris H. and Phil -    Photo: Massimo Campana/Pottle Productions Inc   ©2013 Pottle Productions Inc. All Rights Reserved.


Alexander Wang's secret event

In the middle of july, Alexander Wang held a special secret event in NYC for his e-mail subscribers. I also received  such an e-mail.

But because i live in Sweden, I could not participate. I had to content myself with the reports of this event, online.

It was a frenzy, because Wang was giving away pieces from T by Alexander Wang for free.

Here comes a video that shows what happened:


I like: Shit Bloggers Wear

I checked out a new tumblr account, which is great. A girl who illustrates the trends among bloggers. The drawings are simple, black and white. But still, amazing.


Which colors are the most popular? 

Update on the shoes

The shoe-tip actually worked. In the morning, it felt like the shoes were molded by my feet. I should also mention that the shoes were: a pair of ballet-flats from Lanvin.

P.S. It could be quite hard to sleep in high heels.


The golden rules of fashion

In fashion, as in everything, there are do's and don't's. Here comes a few of them:

1. NEVER wear leggings or tights as pants! Especially when your underwear is not as invisible as you thought... You just embarrass yourself wearing it with a short top.

2. Always use the ''IPL-rule'', Invisible Panty Lines. No matter what you are wearing, visible panty-lines just distract everyone from your outfit. Instead of adoring your outfit, people end up glaring at your butt.

3. NEVER wear sandals with socks! No matter what. Last week I saw a pretty, young girl wearing sandals with socks. It was something I wished, I've never seen. Despite the fact that she was doing it, if that was not horrible enough... She wore brown gladiators, with white socks. The white was bolting through the strappy sandals.

Tips: New shoes

I recently bought a pair of fancy new shoes. Of course, the probability of blisters is big. Instead of breaking in the shoes, I decided to try a tip which was found online:

To sleep with my shoes on, the whole night. I read that the leather forms itself, because of the warmth and  moisture of your body. Without the pressure on some spots on your feet, like heels.

It is actually the first time I am trying this. Curious if that will even work, we will see!

Will update the blog in the morning.


My love for: Stella McCartney

A couple of weeks ago, I was going by the Stella McCartney store in Stockholm on my way to another store.

- Well lets check it out, wonder if they have something nice for me in there, I thought.

I ended up buying a pretty skirt. That I can match with everything, from a simple white tee, or a klein-blue singlet in silk, to a classy white shirt. You can dress it up, or dress it down. A million of ways to style it.

It is also a timeless piece, a black and white print could never go wrong.

The environmental aspect is also important to me. This is a skirt made from organic cotton, without any grose chemicals, that may affect the environment.


Helmut Newton exhibit at Fotografiska in Stockholm

Few of the things to see, during the summer in Stockholm are:

-The art exhibitions.

My favorite one is the: Helmut Newton exhibition at Fotografiska in Stockholm.

He was known especially for his fashion and nude/provocative pictures, most of them black-and-white.

Most iconic picture is called Le Smoking that he shot of Marlene Dietrich dressed in Yves Saint Laurent. It expresses a chic, timeless and androgynous look.


Florence: Where fashion meets art

Gucci Museo

Two weeks from now, I'm going to the beautiful city of Florence, Italy. For a little trip to enjoy the food and the culture. Love experiencing a new city!

Florence is known for the Tuscan cuisine, art and architecture. It is also the place where fashion meets and means art. Two places I see forward to seeing, are: Gucci Museo and Salvatore Feraggamo museum.

Museum of ''the fantastic shoemaker'' Salvatore Feraggamo