The golden rules of fashion

In fashion, as in everything, there are do's and don't's. Here comes a few of them:

1. NEVER wear leggings or tights as pants! Especially when your underwear is not as invisible as you thought... You just embarrass yourself wearing it with a short top.

2. Always use the ''IPL-rule'', Invisible Panty Lines. No matter what you are wearing, visible panty-lines just distract everyone from your outfit. Instead of adoring your outfit, people end up glaring at your butt.

3. NEVER wear sandals with socks! No matter what. Last week I saw a pretty, young girl wearing sandals with socks. It was something I wished, I've never seen. Despite the fact that she was doing it, if that was not horrible enough... She wore brown gladiators, with white socks. The white was bolting through the strappy sandals.

Tips: New shoes

I recently bought a pair of fancy new shoes. Of course, the probability of blisters is big. Instead of breaking in the shoes, I decided to try a tip which was found online:

To sleep with my shoes on, the whole night. I read that the leather forms itself, because of the warmth and  moisture of your body. Without the pressure on some spots on your feet, like heels.

It is actually the first time I am trying this. Curious if that will even work, we will see!

Will update the blog in the morning.


My love for: Stella McCartney

A couple of weeks ago, I was going by the Stella McCartney store in Stockholm on my way to another store.

- Well lets check it out, wonder if they have something nice for me in there, I thought.

I ended up buying a pretty skirt. That I can match with everything, from a simple white tee, or a klein-blue singlet in silk, to a classy white shirt. You can dress it up, or dress it down. A million of ways to style it.

It is also a timeless piece, a black and white print could never go wrong.

The environmental aspect is also important to me. This is a skirt made from organic cotton, without any grose chemicals, that may affect the environment.


Helmut Newton exhibit at Fotografiska in Stockholm

Few of the things to see, during the summer in Stockholm are:

-The art exhibitions.

My favorite one is the: Helmut Newton exhibition at Fotografiska in Stockholm.

He was known especially for his fashion and nude/provocative pictures, most of them black-and-white.

Most iconic picture is called Le Smoking that he shot of Marlene Dietrich dressed in Yves Saint Laurent. It expresses a chic, timeless and androgynous look.


Florence: Where fashion meets art

Gucci Museo

Two weeks from now, I'm going to the beautiful city of Florence, Italy. For a little trip to enjoy the food and the culture. Love experiencing a new city!

Florence is known for the Tuscan cuisine, art and architecture. It is also the place where fashion meets and means art. Two places I see forward to seeing, are: Gucci Museo and Salvatore Feraggamo museum.

Museum of ''the fantastic shoemaker'' Salvatore Feraggamo