The golden rules of fashion

In fashion, as in everything, there are do's and don't's. Here comes a few of them:

1. NEVER wear leggings or tights as pants! Especially when your underwear is not as invisible as you thought... You just embarrass yourself wearing it with a short top.

2. Always use the ''IPL-rule'', Invisible Panty Lines. No matter what you are wearing, visible panty-lines just distract everyone from your outfit. Instead of adoring your outfit, people end up glaring at your butt.

3. NEVER wear sandals with socks! No matter what. Last week I saw a pretty, young girl wearing sandals with socks. It was something I wished, I've never seen. Despite the fact that she was doing it, if that was not horrible enough... She wore brown gladiators, with white socks. The white was bolting through the strappy sandals.

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