Mascara for kids?

I opened a site today, the first thing I saw was a big advertisement of a new L'Oréal mascara called: Miss manga. Advertised with a colorful, animated character that looks like a panda with giant lashes and dressed in pink clothes. Is it even right to target young girls as customers?

Sure it is nothing wrong with wearing mascara, when being young. I started wearing mascara when I was 13 years old.

Nowadays I see 8-9 year old girls wearing mascara, eyeliner and wedges (4-5 cm) during a walk in Stockholm. Sure, L'Oréal made such a campaign because their customers are being younger for every year that passes by. But should the younger group of customers be attracted to the new product by making the campaign childish? 

It is just inappropriate to see such young girls dress and act as adults. It is wrong, they should be innocent kids, playing around. Never even thinking if they look ''right'' or if they should improve on their look. Those girls should enjoy their childhood, as long as they have it. Because later in life they would need make up to cover something up, then, they will have reasons to wear make up. 

Right now they don't have any reasons to wear such things. They still have their perfect baby faces with perfect illuminating skin. 

I think they only use make up because their friends do, they simply don't want to be different. They have no interest in being outsiders, always watching from the sidelines. 

What do you think? What is the age limit when it comes to make up?

( if you want to see the campaign just google miss manga mascara)

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