BLK DNM Sample Sale

A couple of days ago, I scrolled through my instagram-feed and saw an open invitation to a BLK DNM-sample sale. In that very moment I decided to check it out, even though the sale was located across town from my favorite shopping spots. Why not? I have nothing to loose (hahhah, except for money) and those few minutes riding the subway won't matter. I dragged my ass across town, to a neighbourhood I never visit, perhaps because it is so far from everything I like. But it wasn't that bad. During the short walk from the subwaystation called R├ądmansgatan, I spotted some cozy stores and cafes. Wait and see, I will perhaps take a trip there in the nearest future. The showroom was in a chic underground dungeon/garage, with cemented floors and cool furniture, think industrial chic. There wasn't much people there, I don't think that people knew about this. If we say so; sample sales aren't so popular here in Stockholm and they almost never happen. In the end I found a great camel-coloured cashmere (it doesn't get better than that) sweater and a perfect pair of black high-rise jeans. The prices were so low in comparison to the original prices, I paid approximately 25 percent of the original prices.

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