Ms. Stoneface

Some people (read most of them) always think that I'm an icequeen, without any feelings. Sometimes even without a heart. But that, my dear friends, isn't true. I don't show any emotions, because I think it is a weakness. To show emotions. Sure, as every human being, I feel things. I just choose not to show them. Think of it as survival skills. For example: If you give a child a lollipop, because the child expressed a big love for sweets and this child becomes instantly happy by receiving it. Now, the kid is happy. But the giver knows now what will make the child unhappy, by knowing what makes him/her happy. When someone knows: what makes you happy,what you value or love, they quickly know what to take from you to make you unhappy. Like taking a lollipop from a child.

And yes, I know that I write this blog about fashion. But it is Me who writes it, so you all might as well know something about me except for my taste in fashion. 

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