Marc Jacobs beauty-line

In a collaboration with the beauty-giant Sephora, Jacobs had launched a beauty line. A favorite designer of mine,since ever.Has finally maked it into the beauty departement.

Spreading excitement with the ''Marc the moment''-campaign, a countdown long before the line was launched.

It is MARC JACOBS, people, the most creative designer in the world. Like who would not check out HIS beauty line?

Of course he already had his fragrances, but make-up is a whole other level. Which I am glad for.

After seeing the color scale, when spotting the line, made me realize that it was very alike the Marc Jacobs show for fall '13. It will complete all those pretty fall outfits!

Wait, did I say pretty make-up brushes from Marc Jacobs? Yeah, you heard me right.

I wonder if the collaboration will be available at the sephora-stores, here in Europe?

Nailpolish, oh, nailpolish. I love you.

Check out the beauty line HERE or at sephora 

Update: I heard rumors that the line will be available for purchase in Europe in 2014 (when?). But of course it's just rumors, or not.

courtesy of Marc Jacobs

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