Tips: proportions

A thing to remember when putting an outfit together and on, in the morning, is the proportion of your body in the garment.

If you are planning to wear an oversized sweater, wear in with formfitting pants or skirt. Otherwise you will drawn in the amount of fabric. The clothes will then wear you, instead of you wearing them.

The same rule applies to looser bottoms, skirts and pants. Match them with fitted tops, to show off your figure.

An important bodypart is your neck, if you plan on wearing a top or sweater with a high neck or collar. The best thing is  to then make your neck look longer by putting you hair up in a sleek bun or ponytail. Because if you leave your hair loose, especially if you have long hair, your neck will be covered both by the hair and the garment.

Don't be a: ''no neck monster''!

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